Coffee and Magic

So many years ago when I first came to Perth, I used to hang out on a local Flickr group and got to know a few people on there in person.  Some really nice folks too – for example, Dodgee Bruce (although he hangs out more on Facebook these days), Jeremy and Jacob.

I also met up with Charlene, who was, at the time, a 9-5 office worker, 4×4 explorer and weekend wedding photographer.  

Fast forward a few years

Charlene starts getting serious about taking her photography, sorts out her website and gets her photography heading where she wants it.  She gets a Magnum workshops scholarship and exhibits her working tugboat series solo at FotoFreo.

Fast forward again, and she’s jacked in the job, marriage, house and all unnecessary items, packed up and is travelling in the US to meet up with her friend Flemming Bo Jensen

Fast forward a bit more today and Flemming and Charlene are now full on partners in crime, Fuji X-Photographers, doing paid shoots left right and centre and have formed Coffee and Magic – a website design business that can claim some serious industry names already, including the very talented Christian Fletcher and Robert Salisbury 

So what’s this post all about..?

Well, Charlene and Flemming were back in Perth for a short time and I met up with them just before they flew out to Copenhagen via Singapore to shoot the Danish music scene and start to party in Europe for the summer.  They might be back in Perth one of these days, but it’s an expensive place to hang out for 2 nomads, itching to explore.

We had some wine and chatted about life the universe and everything whilst Charlene showed me a project she was working on for … I can’t mention for now!  Very very cool it was though – can’t wait to see what you come up with.  Flemming was telling hilarious stories about his time hanging out with Charlene’s family in Singapore.  These guys are great company.

Then we went for a little wander around Perth and took a few pics along the way.

DSCF2328-2 DSCF2330 DSCF2332  DSCF2337  DSCF2342DSCF2340DSCF2343 DSCF2344 DSCF2346 DSCF2349 DSCF2351 DSCF2352 DSCF2357 DSCF2358 DSCF2359 DSCF2361 DSCF2362 DSCF2363 DSCF2364 DSCF2365

We laughed and joked and went totally random as we waited for the bus (Flemming, I hope you do find a ‘Copenhagen tartan’ one of these days..).  Was sad to see them go, knowing it would be a good while before our paths would cross again (potentially in London in August 2016, but you know these crazy nomads and plans..) but you can’t stop nomads being nomads.

My life is a little bit richer for knowing the world has these two hooligans in it, cutting their own path through life, rubbing off a little bit of their magic on those they meet.

So Coffee and Magic – it was ‘greeeet’ fun – cant wait to see the project you’re working on and enjoy Danish summer 🙂

6 Comments on “Coffee and Magic

  1. Hey I just read this blog post. Can’t believe i missed it.

    What a lovely write up Charlie *gets all teary* And as always, it was a fun night out. Here’s to many more!

    Not sure when we’ll be in Perth again, but see you in London sometime 🙂


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