Easter in England – part 6

The last place we went was pretty unusual

Dungeness. Dungeness is a very odd place.

It’s classified as Britain’s only desert by the Met Office. It’s one of the largest, if not the largest shingle spits in Europe.  It has 600 species of plant that grow there – about 30% of the total number of species in the UK.

It’s a site of multiple special scientific interests, a nature reserve and also home to 2 nuclear power stations. It’s also got a load of crazy holiday home shacks (including one owned by the late Derek Jarman) and also wrecked fishing huts and boats. Perfect place to take the kids then 😉

Actually, it was perfect, they loved it. It’s very eerie and the very hazy skies and deserted nature of the place gives it a very unique feel.  Uniquely spooky. DSCF2279 DSCF2280  DSCF2283 DSCF2284DSCF2287 DSCF2288 DSCF2290 DSCF2293 DSCF2294  DSCF2299 DSCF2301 DSCF2302 DSCF2304 DSCF2307 DSCF2309 DSCF2313 DSCF2314  DSCF2320DSCF2322 DSCF2323 DSCF2324

Crazy place!

We came away with armfuls of shells, cool shaped pebbles and a feeling of having been somewhere very strange!

We stopped off for a subway on the way home to satisfy our adventure weary bellies and the kids both agreed that it had been a nice unpredictable day!

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