winter shenanigans

Hello dear readers (of which there are now a great many, apparently – WordPress tells me that I have over 1200 followers and subscribers – nice!) I hope you’re all well and happy in your lives in whatever corner of the globe you call home.

So, we’re officially past the winter solstice now (and were 2 posts ago, but I just forgot) and the days are getting longer for us southern hemisphere dwellers.   As I mentioned before, the crappy winter weather tends to hit Perth in July and August, so we have a little ways to go before we see signs of spring.

It’s still been lovely though – especially on my way home from work – although a tight work schedule meant that last week I only got back home in the day light once.  Ah well – once was enough to get this!


Jay booked a torchlight spooky tour of Fremantle Prison  on Friday night – so we set off for the 8:30pm tour.  They go for about an hour and a half and they are totally done in the dark and aimed to scare you with real gory stories from the 160 odd year history of the prison.  Very cool


The main entrance to Fremantle Prison.  This would have been the view that new arrivals would have seen – intimidating.


We waited for our tour to be called.


It was really too dark (well, it was a torchlight tour) to take any pictures at any other part of the tour – but it was awesome.

We started in the prisoner reception before moving outside in the courtyard with the tale of an aboriginal prisoner who was killed by some guards.  We all filed into the dark of the one of the prison wings – where we were regaled with scary stories of murders, suicides, slop bucket chucking and people throwing themselves off the 4th floor where we had a massive scare as a dummy was thrown from high up by persons unseen to land crashing on the wire mesh just above our heads.

We heard about decapitations in the kitchen, thuggery in the exercise yard, brutal floggings, the 12 suicide cell before going to the gallows where we heard yet more grizzly stories.  We were scared in the maximum security solitary confinement block as a convict burst out of one of the cells – so many screams!

Onwards to the mortuary where the guide scared the crap out of everyone in the pitch dark!

Lastly, one of the old cell blocks with the original cells (7’x4′ – so tiny!) and some painted cells still on display.


Awesome stuff – we had a great time – highly recommended.

Last night we were rewarded with a beautiful warm day, followed by darkening skies and then an amazing sunset.  I kinda saw it coming so packed the X100 and D300 with the 10-20 wide angle and headed to the beach.

Firstly, the best shot with the X100.  Not too shabby really!


But landscapes really belong to the ultrawide and D300.

DSC_0559 DSC_0566 DSC_0599 DSC_0612 DSC_0621 DSC_0626

So there you go – a nice end to the week.  Today has been a little stormy, so we’ve not done much except process the pictures from Friday/Saturday and chill out.

Busy week ahead for me – hope you’re all having a good weekend!

4 Comments on “winter shenanigans

  1. Great sunset shots. Reminds me how good the D300 is (I currently have a D300s). Also a good reminder to go check out the prison. I’ve been living in Perth for nearly 6 years but still haven’t been there. As I’m moving away from WA in November I better get onto it!


  2. Awesome stuff indeed. The prison seems so interesting and the sunset shots are awesome. Thinking of winter in July is as weird for me as me mentioning winter in February.


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