Holidays – day 5

The first thing we did in Denmark was to go to a nearby Alpaca farm.  The kids had been couped up and needed to run around and to pet fluffy animals.

Pentland Alpaca Farm was about 15 minutes from where we were staying and looked quite promising from the website.  I’d had a few recommendations from other people too, so it was pretty much the first thing we had to do.

We were the first people there and had to wait a little bit before it opened.  It was worth getting there early though, we had the place to ourselves for an hour before more families started rocking up

The goats were really cool – lots of them had free reign of the place and would beg for the food in the little bags.  They’re little sods though and would try to steal the whole bag.  I guess that’s what happens when you have plenty of practice.

The evil emu that pecked the food bag and pecked Piper…

This alpaca took a shine to Jay.

The girls petting some little joeys.

We went off to Greens Pool – a beautiful turquoise bay, cut off from the biggest waves coming in from the southern ocean by giant granite boulders.

We popped in to Swiss Annie’s Chocolate Lounge on the way back – it’s really not worth it – so damn expensive – I think we paid about $60 for 4 hot chocolates and a teeny handmade choc each.  Meh.

So back to the chalet it was for a chill out before heading out to dinner.


Next up – Greens Pool and Elephant Rocks (and maybe a Red Wine Wednesday)

7 Comments on “Holidays – day 5

  1. Hi,
    Fantastic photos. Very rare to go to a tourists attraction and be the only ones for an hour, I would of loved that. 😀
    The alpacas are gorgeous animals, and I see the emu was up to the same old tricks pinching the food, they just won’t give up until they get that bag. The alpaca farm looks great, you can get up and close to the animals, you can’t get better than that.

    Beautiful scenery, and seems a lovely drive. I love the photos of the water finding it’s way through the rocks.


  2. Is Denmark an area?
    (To me it’s the country I live in, so I am a bit curious)


    • Denmark is a small town on the South West coast of Australia – probably nothing at all like any part of the Denmark you know and love!


  3. Wow, goats have really strange eyes!
    By the way, I LOVE your pictures of Denmark. I went when I was 19… in fact, it was 12 years ago last week! that is way, way too long. I hope Jas and I can go soon as he’s never been.


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