At the beach

Its summer in Perth.  Well, not just here, the whole of the southern hemisphere too, but I only live here – the other places can blog about their own summers.

Anyway, summer.

Its getting pretty warm too, as you’d expect – mid to high 30’s already.  Now last year I had time to go for walks on the beach in the mornings and was working from home a lot and could enjoy it

This year I have a new (and, sorry old company) much more interesting job, but I have to work in the city so don’t get to enjoy the summer as much during the week. I have to endure it during the day and it’s dark when I get home.

More $ but there are always sacrifices.

Well today as I was coming home, I spotted the clouds were just right for a good sunset.

I wasn’t wrong.  After a quick dinner (thanks hun – delish) I grabbed my little LX5 point and shoot and zoomed off to to the beach before the colours really came out and to get some of the sea breeze that had been missing in the city all day.

A load of folks were out with their cameras, all blindly pointing them at the sun on the horizon, flashes on, catching the moment in glorious craptitude – why do people not take just a few minutes to understand what they are looking at and what might actually make a nice photo!  Gah!

Anyway, as I was walking down onto the beach a guy came back from having a dip in the sea (he’s in the first photo up there ^^) and gave me a cheery ‘hello’.  We got talking – he’s over here from Sydney working on a local project for a week – this was his first time over here and he wanted to take his first dip in the Indian Ocean.  He was also a little scared of being chomped by a shark (as it’s dusk – prime shark chomping time) so was only in the water for a few minutes.  He didn’t know about the guy that was taken by a great white off this very beach 2 years ago.  He didn’t go back in the water again!

Was a very ice chilled out chat with a random friendly stranger.  This is something that I really like about Australians.  There’s a lot less of the stiff reserve and only talking to someone if you’ve been introduced or you somehow face great peril together (the Blitz spirit thing) that I’m used to from England.

Was a lovely end to a hot day – I got my snapshots too as you can see 😉

Now I have red wine and some tasting notes for next Wednesdays RWW 🙂

3 Comments on “At the beach

  1. You are obviously enjoying life to the full. Hope you have a good weekend. We had a fabulous green flash the day we arrived in St Lucia.


  2. These are gorgeous Charlie. I’m pretty jealous of your beach sunsets. 25mins is just too far to drive sometimes!


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