nifty fifty

Its been way too long since I used the 50 mil and I’ve kinda forgotten how to get the most out of it.  Its sharp, somewhat slow to focus and has a wonderful depth of field – perfect for making stuff look out of focus.  Its the best lens for portraits – set it to f4 and it’s tack sharp – provided you have a steady hand and are good at focussing on the eyes.

Anyway – its focal length is good for general stuff – particularly taking snippets of what’s around you.  Jay is very good with the 50 – way better than I.

I tried something a bit different, I put down the 10-20 for a bit, and as a result, they have a different feel to the rest of my shots this week.

Anyhow, that’s quite enough of that.

Next up – The Bluebell Railway (in glorious wide angle. *phew*)

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