In the 1920’s, there was a small seaside town with ramshackle fishing shacks, beautiful wooden clapper-board holiday homes and the start of a tourist industry.

Now, the town is a city, having grown exponentially from the boom years of the 1950’s to today, where it now has over 100,000 people

Some of the old houses are still there, hidden amongst the new, some restored, some dilapidated, some for sale, ready for demolition.

This little town is Rockingham, Western Australia.

These little houses can be seen in my little project to document what’s left.

Shack – click on the pic to see the full set

2 Comments on “Shack

  1. You know when I see shacks, they’re usually in their worst condition, but this place doesn’t look bad at all. It reminds me of my great grandmothers old home. She had a trailer home but put it on foundation and made it into an actual home. Small but just right for her. I enjoyed this post 🙂


    • there are plenty around here that are wrecks, ready to be flattened, sold for the value of the land. The trouble is, even the nice ones are worth nothing, developers are always gagging to get their hands on them, subdivide and make a killing. I’m glad there are some good ones like this one left to enjoy 🙂


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