Tripski – part 3

We went to see some of my close friends mid week.

They live not too far from where I used to live in England.  Not too far away from where Ella and Henry were born and grew up.

Ella remembers the place, her old friends, her school and snippets of the old house.  She’s sometimes a bit sad about it – I kinda feel bad as I sort of took all that away from her.  She only kinda likes where she lives now, but she has the amazing Royal Ballet School opportunity that she would never had had in the old town.  I hope that makes up for it.   Henry was only tiny at the time – all he knows it where he lives now.

Anyway, it was a filthy day, dreadful weather, and we had an hours drive.  So what happens?

Accident on the motorway.

So we’re stuck in the car not moving for 2 hours whilst they do their thing.  I don’t know why the police dont clear away accidents faster, its such a dreadful drain on thousands and thousands of people’s time.  I mean, once the people are safely out or on their way to hospital – take the scene photos, make the notes and get the road open again asap, rather than dragging it on for 1/2 a day as is the way in England.

Ella was so patient, she’s the easiest going child ever. Henry was asleep for all 2 hours and woke up just as we were getting going again.  This is what we had to look at for 2 hours.

So we had some fun with the wide angle 🙂

We eventually got there 3 hours late, but Pat and Nicky were happy to see us, as was Anna, their oldest and craziest daughter.  They’d had a new baby since I saw them last time – she was so cute 🙂

Anna didn’t stop moving this time, so no photos at all, plus it was so dark, that even inside it was hard to take photos.  Baby M provided lots of wide eyes and big smiles though 🙂  She’s so cute!!!

Was great to catch up with them – Pat came back from work and we had a lovely dinner and chilled out – the kids played beautifully and had a lot of fun.  Then, before it was too late, we were heading home again, the kids stocked up on Cadbury’s Mini Eggs for being so well behaved.

Did I say I have awesome kids?  LOL!

2 Comments on “Tripski – part 3

  1. Charlie you have a beautiful family. And don’t beat yourself up, I’m sure your daughter doesn’t blame you. Always remember, there’s a good reason for everything happening they way it did. We may not know it, but there’s always a plan for us. Really beautiful photos.


    • I’m not really beating myself up, its just how I feel sometimes. I love my kids – they see their maternal grandparents and aunties and cousin way more than they ever would have before
      Thanks for the compliment – I love taking their photos 🙂


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