Holidays, the end

And so came the day we had to go home – boooo!  We’d had a lovely time, but we still had 950km to drive back, so we had to leave early.  We packed everything back in the car remarkably easily, set the chiller bag in the middle seat for the girls to have easy access to food and drinks without having to stop too often.

We had a few viewing places around Denham still to quickly look at on the way, so I dragged the family out to a few places that looked out over the bay first

Then we went 15 minutes south to Eagle Bay.  Its well worth going here if you ever make it this part of the world – there’s a walkway on the top of the cliff and you look down on to the shallow clear water below and you can see loads of marine life.  In the 15 minutes we were there we saw a couple of sharks and a very large ray.  Its a lovely view that holds your attention for a really long time as you scan the water for more creatures.

The ray – this was pretty big and very easily visible, swimming across the bay and out to sea.  I zoomed in as much as I could, but didn’t get a better shot than this.  I recommend binoculars!

We set off home and drove back along the isolated roads, seeing lots of other 4×4’s and then a whole load of road trains that must have left Geraldton earlier that day at pretty much the same time.  These guys are huge – I gather they’re even bigger going across the top of Australia and also south along the Nulabour.

We drove back into the night and got home late that night – an easy but long journey.  Coming back into Perth was horrible – way too many people and bright lights – its amazing what a week in the country does for your perspective on things!

Hope you enjoyed the holiday series as much as we enjoyed the trip – I’ll be back to Red Wine Wednesday later 🙂

4 Comments on “Holidays, the end

  1. well, looks like youy lot had fun. glad to see someone actually going fro the long holiday rather than just to the normal touristy places (margs etc) a mate of mine usually grabs their 4×4 and take off into the bush on a regular basis. always saying i should do the same. (i dont think the dodge would do it too well tho!)
    glad to see they all enjoyed themselves.
    so.. gonna update the 4by yet??!!


    • It was awesome. Shark Bay is pretty touristy, but not as bad as Margs – its so much further I guess you have to be that bit more determined and adventurous. We did see a couple of Rockingham folks we knew though – small world..


  2. I felt like I went on a little vacation without even leaving my office. 🙂 I’m glad you had such a wonderful time! It’s always hard getting back to the real world after something like that.


    • Hehe – we had a blast and when you do come down to this forgotten corner of the world in the future, you’ll know kinda what to expect 🙂


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