Holidays, part 3 – Kalbarri Gorges

Day 3, we set off from Kalbarri early as we had a long drive (again) to Denham in Shark Bay.

Stopping briefly for petrol and a quick walk along the beach (we arrived in the dark the night before so we thought we’d at least have a 5 minute poke around), we quickly decided that Kalbarri is a place we’d come back to.  Clean, pretty, lots of variety of food (for vegetarians, vegans and gluten and dairy free) and enough to keep children occupied for a week.

We drove up the Ajana Kalbarri road towards the Kalbarri National Park so we could have a gawp at the amazing Murchison River Gorge.  This was a little way off road – 20km or so along well made dirt tracks – through the vast open bush.

It was a pleasure to see to no evidence of mankind (the road excepted) as far as the eye could see in all directions.  We even saw emus wandering through a thin patch of bush just off the road.

We parked up at a little car park and walked out into the heat – it was really warm compared to Perth – and took a walk down a little rocky track to a lookout over the Murchison River.

Wow – it was an awesome view.  Not very many folks about either, just a few brave souls and a teenage kid who was curious about my Hasselblad camera.  This was also the first time we really got to see the red rocks that make this part of the world so famous.

It’s spring in Australia at the moment, so there were a fair few desert flowers about – very pretty.

We still had a long drive and Anja was in a foul teenage mood, so we didn’t get to see the fabled ‘Nature’s Window’, which I was ok with – it was hot and there were lots of flies about, and besides, its such a stupid twee name for a gorgeous rock arch.

We drove back down the track and continued north along the highway into ever more barren countryside and ever increasing temperatures.

Next up – Hamelin Bay and Shark Bay

4 Comments on “Holidays, part 3 – Kalbarri Gorges

  1. The pictures show a fantastic landscape. A bit hot though as the thermometer shows! Looking forward to the rest of the story + pictures


    • Thanks mumma! Yes, its a pretty amazing place – you kinda get to see it as you fly from Singapore or Malaysia, but nothing can prepare you for how lovely it is in person. Its only just warming up – it can get over 50C in the gorges and bush around Kalbarri in the summer – not something I’d like to experience!


  2. Oh wow!!!! These pictures are so stunning. I’ve decided that I need to have a house in Australia to live in for half the year so I can just have spring and summer all the time.

    I need to read back through your other vacation posts!

    Nature’s Window. Heh.


    • hehe – its a lovely place, but so far away from everything – we did find the cafe in Denham where we stayed did a soy lattes, so there is a little hint f civilisation! No mobile phone signal whatsoever though unless you’re with the old state provider, and even then, only in the town. That far north is at risk of cyclones between November and March, so September/October is the best time to visit really.


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