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In response to Lauren@Salt Says and her post about favourite cities, I thought I’d do a little post-let.

I did a bit of this before in this post but now I’m going to do a little one line review of each of these cities to help you all with your holiday plans 🙂

  1. Glasgow:  interesting, Scottish, incomprehensible, wet, grand, historic
  2. Aberdeen: grey, cold, wet.  did I mention wet?
  3. Belfast:  under-rated, lively
  4. Paris:  mad, smelly, never drive a car there, excellent food, cafes, history, grand.
  5. Annecy:  Lovely, beautiful, touristy, traffic, amazing lake, scenery, climate, food
  6. Munich:  stoic, German, impressive, food and beer
  7. Frankfurt:  historic, modern, boring
  8. Amsterdam:  chilled, relaxed, pretty, good culture, friendly
  9. Berlin:  Cool, trendy, cheap, East is very trendy now, but little English
  10. Düsseldorf:  pretty, small, nice food, friendly people
  11. Gothenburg:  amazing food, expensive, lovely in Summer, cold and wet every other season
  12. Trondheim:  unspoiled on the fjord, midnight sun, expensive, lively, friendly
  13. Prague:  historic, cobbled, touristy, awful chavvy stag parties, interesting, music
  14. Venice:  amazing, stunning, old, startlingly expensive, must see
  15. Rome:  crazy, noisy, history, food, religion, fashion, art.
  16. Geneva:  boring.  old Geneva is lovely with amazing restaurants.
  17. Stockholm:  quaint, trendy, expensive
  18. Milan (Lugano, Switzerland):  Milan is nuts, crazy bonkers with style
  19. Krakow:  amazing, beautiful square in the centre, underground bars and clubs
  20. London:  huge, complex, busy, epic history, good food, easy to travel about, expensive
  21. Barcelona:  beautiful, tree lined boulevards, architecture, Gaudi, cool subculture
  22. Toronto:  CN Tower, shops, boring, cold in winter, hot in summer. Good clubs and restaurants.
  23. San Diego:  warm, sunny, gaslamp district is very cool, good living
  24. San Francisco:  quirky, hilly, eccentric, beautiful, artistic with a big bridge
  25. San Jose:  dull, industrial
  26. Perth:   small, quiet, boring, has potential, lovely river front. beautiful, restaurants.
  27. Melbourne:  arty, laneways, food, chinatown, trams, winebars
  28. Sydney:  icons, restaurants, green, trees, skyline, coffee

Lord knows where else I’ve been, I’d need to look at a map and work it out..

Places to go – Melbourne, Krakow, London, Barcelona, San Francisco, Rome, Venice, Annecy

8 Comments on “Around the World

  1. This is fantastic! I had no idea that Venice was so pricey! If I ever get over to Europe, Italy will be the first place I want to visit.

    Too bad that Geneva is so boring too!

    I am envious of all the traveling you have done. I’ve barely made it out of the States!


    • Venice is so awesome though – it’s almost unreal how old it all is. I stayed there for a couple of months in a friend’s apartment (which had the lounge windows fronting onto a little canal, very cool) so got a really good feel for the place. So many little nooks and crannies and I only took a handful of photos too – if I went back now I’d probably go nuts with the camera. I went to Verona too, which was less impressive, except for the Colosseum, which in many ways is better than the one in Rome (which I have also been to), and the view from the hill with the TV antenna on (if you go, you’ll know what I mean). Rome was amazing, its a big place though, and there’s such a lot to see. I’ve been twice and only scratched the surface – I have next to no photos as the film in my camera didn’t hook up to the spool properly and only advanced about 1/10th of a frame at a time – I have hundreds of shots on one 36 pic roll, all overlapping each other 😦

      Its so easy to travel from the UK to everywhere – the US is less easy (unless you want to go to places in the US) – like Oz, its a long way to anywhere. I can’t wait to explore Asia – we have Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand only 5 hours away and they are gateways to a whole world I’ve never seen.

      Life is always a balance between basic needs and experiences – there’s never enough money to do both adequately, but you have to travel if you can, there’s an amazingly diverse world out there.


  2. I am kicking myself that i have yet to get a passport!!! been all over OZ, but never out of it!! …one day!


    • Bruce – there’s a whole wide world out there – if it appeals to you at all (to some it doesn’t and thats fine), go see it. Europe is a long way, but Vietnam, Hong Kong, Thailand (maybe not for a month or so) Cambodia – all within easy reach of here 🙂


  3. Your “who is visiting” showing me to be from “Sollentuna” which is 10-15 km from here=Solna, so now I know where the proxy server is? … or that program is not that good…???
    Düsseldorf small?? Compared to London or New York but…Same goes for Perth, WA…If you
    mean the central parts are small, correct me if I’m wrong, LA is small too…Best regards
    from Solna … even closer to Stockholm than Sollentuna…{Via Whats Up With THAT…}
    PS Beer always best in Münich…hope they win Champion’s Cup tonight in Madrid…DS


    • Welcome 🙂 Its nice to get people from all over the world coming here!

      Its good that little widget – I think it just uses IP addresses and the address of the ISP’s home node, but how it works exactly, I don’t know! Its clever though!

      I guess some of my descriptions of places don’t really sum up the true character, just my impressions – I was only in Stockholm for a day – is my comment that accurate? I don’t know! It’s a nice place that I’d go back to any day though.

      From WUWT – excellent, hope you’re forming your own opinions on this climate stuff and not letting anyone sell you the doom stories either way!

      I went to Oktoberfest in Munich some years ago – it was a real pleasure – the Germans are a pretty cool bunch, even with many litres of beer inside them – more than I can say for the British sometimes, sadly!


  4. Great list! I will look forward to reading what you write about my favorite city Rome when you get around to going there!


    • Rome was at number 15 (not in any order of preference I have to say – I think Rome is a top 10 easily) – been there 3 times I think – its awesome.

      Overview: Busy, mad traffic, gorgeous people, amazing architecture and the food is wonderful. Fave places – man, so many – I love the vibe around the fountains at night, so many people wandering around, wishing, in love. I love the view up the Tiber towards the Vatican from one of the many bridges. St Peters Basilica is just stunning – I love the way they have decorated almost every square inch of the inside in different colours of marble. So many squares and piazzas, places to sup espresso and watch the world go madly by. The Vatican museums are just extraordinary – no other word for it. Way too busy though.


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