When I were young..

I found some pics of me from when I was a nipper, thought I’d share and make you all giggle..

Ickle me

I had blonde hair when I was small – now its very dark brown – how did that happen?


I think I may have needed a wee in this pic šŸ˜€

me, Claire and my mumma

And one from the hole in the tree as per my earlier post – woo! The tree’s changed quite a lot – the hole has closed up a bit over the years.

hole in the tree

2 Comments on “When I were young..

  1. Ohmigoodness look at you with all your blond curls!!! In the second photo I can see so much of a resemblance with Henry!

    (And yeah that does look a little bit like you’re doing a wee dance. hahaha!)

    Looking at childhood pictures of people makes me so happy for some reason. šŸ™‚


    • I know – its nuts! Ella had really blonde hair when she was small, its turning much darker as she gets older. Henry looks like me a bit, but he really looks like his mum’s father – I’ll see if I can find a pic to show you, its uncanny.

      I have so many cool pics from when I was little – I was showing Ella when I was back there for easter, we went through the photo albums and all had a good laugh!


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