official wedding photos

Just checked our photographer’s Facebook site to find a sampler from our wedding photos – woo 🙂

Not decided if I like the vintage processing or not – it’s really excellent in some of the shots though and I love the one with the texture.

That chick in the white dress looks HOT!   Shame there’s that slightly chubby bearded bloke in 1/2 the shots though, he looks well dodgy!

We’ll get an album of proofs and some prints done – maybe in a few years we’ll save up for a wedding album too – they look lovely all done properly, but its a lot of money for us right now.

so, for your viewing pleasure –

4 Comments on “official wedding photos

  1. WEDDING PHOTOS! I wouldn’t have expected anything less from you guys. You are so creative that I knew your photographer would be tops! Jay looks absolutely STUNNING! Oh yes and you look just fine as well. 🙂 (Haha very handsome!) I love the one with Jay and the girls…it’s so sweet. Post more!!! 🙂


    • thanks Lauren! we had the best day ever! We got the album last week, so I’ll be scanning some of the pics in I think and posting them up – Shelly@Smile is very good.


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