forums (part 2)

I mentioned this a few weeks ago when I got disillusioned with a few groups on Flickr.

Why are internet forums so hostile?

I was reading some scientific journals the other day and was somewhat surprised by the level of hostility there too. I guess after reading the Climategate emails and the resulting fallout I should have expected it, but really, there’s no excuse for such acidity and venom in a scientific debate.   Personal opinions and whathaveyou are one thing, but engaging others in a head to head debate and name calling and indulging in personal attacks is just so wrong.

Its so wrong on a photography forum, especially one with a group like PIP – Photographers in Perth – where its common interests with people that live near to each other, but I got so sick of the open nastiness and so called “just sarcasm” (read nastiness with a smiley at the end) in response to posts, plus the odd nasty personal message that I can’t participate at all with it anymore.   I should say thats its only a handful of people that are hostile on there, most are very lovely and genuine, but thats more than enough for me to step away.

Its even more wrong in a scientific community where the aim is to debate science, facts, research and figures – personal attacks just shouldnt come into it.  But it does and its even worse than youtube comments sometimes.  Pathetic.

I’m no longer reading or participating in any form of online debate, I’d rather sit in the shade and read a book.

2 Comments on “forums (part 2)

  1. i feel the same as you, even on a car forum where they all have the same type of car, they can be very bitter (well they are young still i spose) and PiP…well, they should know better!!!


    • Hey you 🙂

      Its odd isnt it – somehow the thing that should bring out the best in people can bring out the worst. I think PIP is generally full of really cool people, but one or two incidents really peed me off 😦

      give it a few months, I might come back!

      Oh, and Happy New Year!


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