I’m getting so boring with this I might have to rename my blog “my adventures with irrigation systems” *rolls eyes*

I fixed the main problem with that 5th solenoid valve yesterday, the common wire (a bodge by the previous owner) had broken just out of sight of the hole I’d dug to uncover the valve. Fixed that with a new spur from a known working common wire and once I attached one of the spare wires in the control box to a spare terminal, the valve sprung to life. Woo!

A few tests and stuff later, it really looked like it was all working, so I set about routing my new spur common wire under the ground to the 5th valve. Once it was all wired up, a quick test showed it was all working. Buried the cables, filled in back over the valves and tested again.


The fuse in the control box went. I must have a dodgy joint (most likely the power or common to solenoid connection) or the originally broken common is stuffing up. I’ll get some new fuses some proper cable joiners (rather than just tape) and fix up the common later and see whats what

So near, and yet so far..

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