tea rooms and lesbian vampires

Now I have your undivided attention..

Starting in reverse chronological order, we went to the Mundijong Tea Rooms today and had the most average Devonshire Cream Tea available anywhere.  Its a nice setting though and some of their food is yummy, but they didnt really inspire us with mid-morning goodies.  Jay’s review of the cream tea went like this:

“I wish I’d have stayed at home and finished off my art this morning and then gone to Freo for tapas”

Not a very positive recommendation, but I agree 100%.  Next time 🙂  Still, we had a nice morning just chilling out and doing something different.

So, onto the lesbian vamipres.  Its a film, one of 4 films we’ve watched this weekend.

1.  Lesbian Vampire Killers

A low budget movie set in deepest darkest Norfolk, where the legend of the Lesbian Vampire Queen combines with a comedy duo on a hiking trip.  Its funny like Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz – some good one liners, laugh out loud moments and the dialogue and action, whilst cringey, fits perfectly with the film’s intentions.  Oh, and those who want hot lesbian action are going to be a bit disappointed, theres not really any.  8/10, would watch again, its genuinely funny.

2.  Killshot

ex-mafia hitman, Blackbird (Mickey Rourke) gets caught up with a young crazy armed robber/wannabe killer Richie Nix (Joseph Gordon-Levitt).  The film tells the story of them tracking down a couple placed in the witness protection program after witnessing one of their many screwups thanks to Nix’s wild and unpredictable nature.  Good film, interesting, captivating and well shot.  7/10.

3.  Dead Like Me

When you die your spirit could be asked to become a “reaper” – one of the many people on earth tasked with harvesting the souls of the living at the point of death.  They walk amongst us, but get their schedules every morning and have to touch the body to get soul out.  They dont know how many souls they have to get before they can get released and continue on their own way to heaven.  sounds promising.  And it starts off ok, some funny moments, a plot of sorts.  But then it turns into dreary emotional feelgood claptrap.  And the end is boring.  3/10.  Dont bother, unless you only watch the first 40 mins and then stop.

4.  Tenderness

Russel Crowe plays a retired cop on the case of a released teenage serial killer – absolved of his crimes, the state is convinced it was his anti-depressants that were to blame, Crowe on the other hand doesnt buy it and vows to stop him committing more crimes.  The story follows a girl of who is obsessed with the killer, traveling around with him and narrowly misses out on being killed herself a half dozen times.  The story kinda fizzles out and nothing really happens and the ending is typical ponsey arthouse movie crap where we are left to interpret and apply to the film we have just seen.  meh.  boring 4/10.

So thats it for the films, 50% hit rate, not too bad I guess.

So, what does the rest of the day hold in store?  no more films, thats for sure :))

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