new toys

Its been one of those weeks. My laptop died a few weeks back and despite updating it to Windows 7, repeated surgery for new drivers, disk defragmentation, memory parity checks and so on, it just kept freezing.

So I had to buy a new one.

The big debate then – another PC or go the Apple Mac route.

Well, Jay’s Dell has been plagued with issues from Windows Vista, my Sony was the same, so I decided to spend a few dollars more and get a MacBook Pro.  15 inch screen.

macbook pro

macbook pro

and very shiny it is too.  I’m not totally sold on the large clickable touchpad and there are some things the operating system does that I still need to get my head around, but apart from that- it just works.  No crashes, freezes, complaints or anything.  It goes to sleep when asked and wakes up on cue.  And the battery lasts forever.   A few hours of surfing and stuff only used 25% of the battery.  Very impressive.

So it gets my vote for the time being.

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