been a bit of a delay in posting as I’ve been sick.  really sick.  stay in bed for 48 hours kind of sick.


Just about getting over it now, but now the family are starting to go down with it, which is not good.  Jay is ok-ish for the moment, but both the kidlets are off school and have a high fever.  Hope they get better soon.

Hope I continue to get better too, I have a customer meeting tomorrow in Perth that I have to go to no matter what.

So, whats been happening..

Well, not a lot, as I’ve been sick, but apart from the usual nice stuff, theres been stuff that really irks me.  So I’m going to write about it.   I guess the people concerned might guess this is about them should they read it but I don’t care too much.

Friends who plead poverty and borrow money from their families for essential items and then go and splash their own money on luxuries like flat screen tv’s and new pets the very next day

Mothers who smoke when they have a newborn.   There have been so many studies done about this, even if they dont smoke around the baby, the second hand smoke linkers enough in the mothers lungs to breathe significant volumes of carcenogenic tars over the child.   Its not as if this should be a surprise, these health warnings are advertised everywhere and have een for years.  This annoys me just as much as parents who smoke in the car with their kids.   If anyone reading this smokes with young children – you really need to think about your children and their health before your “needs” Grow the fuck up.

Friends who want us to babysit after school but then go home from work and leave the kid with us but dont actually let us know.  Pick her up almost 3 hours late.  No apologies.  Nice.

People who still text whilst they are driving.

The news sickens me.  People are capable of the most horrible things.  For instance, I just read about a man in the US who threw his 4 year old (and gorgeous too, looking at the photos) daughter off a cliff and killed her because he didnt want to pay child support.  I mean, who the fuck does that.  With their own child.  Forget jail time, just chuck the gutless piece of shit out of a moving car at 100mph. I have to say, this news has totally ruined my day – not my mood, but its drained the colour from me totally.  How can I look at the world the same way knowing this kind of thing.   I’m not reading the news any more.  Back when there was no internet and global awareness, perhaps current affairs were useful, but now it seems to dredge up so much hideousness, for me, its become  irrelevant.   I don’t need to know.

Politics.  Fuck me, they are all petty point scoring children.  Watched a clip on the news from the Federal Parliament and it was embarrassing and it struck me right then, again, how irrelevant it is, not only to me, but to the way a country needs to be run.  I’d rather campaign for a “vote for nobody” box on the election form and pay the fines for missing mandatory voting (honestly, what kind of a choice is it when you cant vote for “none of the above”)  than vote for anyone who participates in that kind of petty kindergarten nonsense.  I’d expect better debate from my children.  Seriously.

In positive news, the Olympus Trip 35’s arrived – very nice they are too, although the low light shutter lock on mine doesnt work, but the red flag pops up ok.

Off to buy some film for them right now.  And a subway, I’m starving.

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