Pay it forward

I’m member of a group on Flickr – Photographers in Perth aka PIP – one of the guys on there had a bright idea to do a little pay it forward thing where we all took photos of each other, more importantly, the the thing thats most important to us.

Well, needless to say family, spouses, children and whathaveyou were the most popular, but I didnt want that for me (well, to be more specific, the missus didnt really want to be photographed) so I chose my guitar, which Wayne (who as luck would have have it, lives literally just around the corner from me) shot for me – was fun, nice to meet someone new too.

Alistair, who was to be my victim is also non-traditionally minded and wanted photos of his mug.  A Garfield mug given to him by his cousin many years ago and reminded him of family and that kind of thing.  So we met up outside Parliament in Perth as it was just around the corner from our places of work and took a  few shots with the Holga and also the D300 (which seems so cumbersome in comparison)



Alistairs mug

Alistair's mug

Alistairs Mug

Alistair's Mug

Alistair is really into film rather than digital, which is handy as I’m just starting on that journey too – hope he didnt mind too much me plugging him for information all the time!  LOL!

We’ll have to wait for the Holga shots and they wont be back for a week.  I had a lot of fun, he opened my eyes a little, ok, a lot,  to some composition ideas which I hope to use with some other portraits soon.

So, a big thanks to Mr Dickinson, who, incidentally, is exhibiting at at the moment – runs until Sunday, go see it 🙂

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