oh no..

I feel it coming

sore throat
tingle in my nose
general feeling tired
achey joints

Yup, I have an lurg coming


Hope its just a small and pathetic one I can throw it off quickly cos I’ve had enough of being sick this year.

In other news, I arranged a skip for Saturday to get rid of all the garden rubbish that my few weekends of slash and burn had generated and it turns out that my spatial awareness is shit.  I organised a 4 cubic meter one but it was way too small and there’s still 1/3 or more of the rubbish still left that wouldn’t fit 😦   Still – I got a lot of the mess cleared up and the front garden is starting to look pretty good.  Another couple of weekends of hard graft and we’ll have some decent flowerbeds back and the grass seed down for where the trees came out.

How it used to be (from the real estate website before we bought it)



and how it is now..



As for the rest of the rubbish that is still piled high in the back garden – thank goodness for bulk garden rubbish collection next month – I’ll haul it all out on to the front lawn and the council can take it away

Today was a bit less productive due to tired out-edness, so we went out to take some pics with the Holgas to Riockingham foreshore and also to Point Peron.  Its amazing, you see very different things to take photos of when you have one of those plastic beasties in your hand and 12 shots to play with.  It was pretty cold though as we’ve got some serious gale force winds blowing in from the south.

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