Took the kids out to Point Peron after school to let them work off some steam, it was a nice warm evening and the light was nice for some photos too.

Got a few nice ones along the beach as the sun went down – I really need a polarising filter to make the best of the landscape, but never mind!



Got a nice shot of the little ‘un playing in the rock pools and also a couple of good ones of the sunset a litte later (which turned out to be a nothing special colours wise)

Point Peron Sunset

Point Peron Sunset

But then, I had a bit of a nightmare – the tripod slipped on the seaweedy rocks and the camera fell into the sea!  meh!

Hastily scooping  it up I popped the battery and memory card out and headed home

Now the D300 is weather sealed, but it did get a tad more of a dunking than I thought it would be able to cope with and I really didn’t hold out much hope for the lens, which isnt sealed and took a 6 inch bath.

Luckily, after some disassembly and cleaning, gentle blowing with a hair dryer and much panic, it all seems to still be working.  The lens might not be ok in the long term as there was a little salt water in the zoom mechanism, but the camera body was fine.


I’ll keep an eye in it, if it stuffs up in the near future, I’ll have to claim on the insurance.

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