It reallllllly pisses me off to read things like

Could of
should of
would of
There children

More and more, on forums, newspaper “have your say” columns, even some blogs, I’m reading these very basic spelling and grammatical mistakes. I think some people really do think that “their” is spelled “there” and “could of is actually correct.  Its “could have”, btw, if you were somehow wondering what was wrong.

Worse still, I hear on the news, radio and tv – the use of the words “ambo” and “firey” to replace ambulance and fire brigade.  This kind of slang on national TV is just awful, almost unthinkable.  What next, txt spk in newspapers?

Its the fookin’ English language people, your (no, not you’re) first language. Learn how to use it.

There’s really no excuse.

One Comment on “grammar

  1. Ooo, go Charlie. I like a grammatically correct rant about grammar now and again.

    I could of written something similar meself but I was too busy taking selfies yesterday arvo.


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