weekend fun

Prepare yourself  for a post of such drama and excitement that you’ll need to be sat down.. erm..

Was a fairly relaxed weekend, just the usual shopping on Saturday (meh) and then a lazy afternoon reading, processing photos and the like.  So relaxed I can’t actually remember much else of what we did. I think the end of some red wine was involved too.

Oh, and popped down to the beach to take some photos of little-un and her school toy thingy for a project she was doing – was another gorgeous sunset..

Sunday was cool – church in the morning, some good thoughts to ponder over from the sermon too – like a weekly moral direction reset – gets me back on track, clears out the cranial tightness caused by the world during the week, makes me more in touch with the things that are truly important and sets me straight for the coming week.  Plus there’s some really cool singing and some lovely people.

Tried to go for a coffee straight after – who’d have thought that the entire population of the Rockingham greater area had booked out every seat in every cafe, restaurant and park bench in the area for mothers day.  Ah well, take away coffee and a (quick) walk along the beach later and peace is kind of restored. 

Bought some wonderful outdoor wall art – colourful ceramics to hang outside in the patio area to start to brighten things up a little – can’t wait to get some climbing plants to grow up the walls too – make the patio area really organic.

and that was that for the weekend really, nice chilled, relaxed and in bed before 9:30 ready for the week ahead.

see, told you it was exciting.

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