film reviews

another couple of film reviews..

1.  The Air I Breathe.  Brendan Fraser, Julie Deply, Forest Whitacker, Andy Garcia, Sarah Michelle Gellar.  A very cool film, dark, strange, moody and well shot.  About a man who can see the future – its an elegantly woven story, shot out of sequence (the start of the film is really part of the ending and also the glue for the twist) and seemly disjointed, its a fast moving, thriller with a wicked half revealed twist at the end.  9/10 – recommended

2.  10 Inch Hero – nice trippy feelgood film charting the story of a bunch of co-workers at a chilli bar in San Francisco – in the style of Love Actually, only not an english film, it leads you through the lives and loves of a group of individulas and how they learn about themselves.  8/10.  light hearted, funny, warm and fuzzy.  Nothing to dislike and much to smile at.

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