mice and other animals

so, lots of new traps later – all positioned strategically around the kitchen (the loft is so small I cant really see myself getting up in there to check a trap daily, and poison isnt any good as the mouse might die and get chomped by the small dogglet, and that won’t do either) the mice remain ellusive

I wonder if it’s just a matter of time – or if they’re super intelligent mice and have the measure of my carefully laid minefield.

Does anyone do cats for hire?

On another note – we have frogs outside too, they were doing their mating (well, at least I suspect it might have been that) call last night all over our front lawn – so we went outside to investigate (is that frog-vouyerism?) with the torch, but I couldn’t see any, despite seeming standing right over them..ah well.  I’ll have another go tonight..  if I get pictures, is that frog porn?  LOL!

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