we have mice in the house.

house mouse

We only noticed as there was that cardboardy like fluff and some droppings on the top shelf of the larder (that top shelf, I should add to potential houseguests, isnt used for food storage) and also some (very old) droppings behind a wall socket blank when we had the TV aerial repaired.

We bought a couple of mousetraps (the old fashioned spring and thwack kind) but I guess mice dont like vegemite or peanut butter, or are waaay to clever to get splatted in that manner as the traps remained resolutely empty every morning.

Then we started hearing the scratching and russtling in the loft above our bedroom.  Clearly mice upthere, and not just one or two either.

I caught a little grey mouse sniffing about on the kitchen worktop a few weeks back after I got back out of bed cos I couldnt sleep – it threw itself off the worktop like an F16 off an aircraft carrier when I tried to catch it and vanished behind the fridge.

So I bought some more mousetraps – the self contained ratchet them round like a clockwork timer kind and lay them on the worktop and floor by the fridge and for a week – nada.  But this morning – gotcha.  Trap full.

Poor mouse – sorry pal, I’d have happily caught you and put you out in the bushes in the park, but you wouldnt be caught.

So tonight, I’m off to get more mousetraps for the loft (poison ones this time I think, so I dont have to crawl up there every day to check them) to see if we can get rid of the little buggers before they chew through an electrical cable.

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