extreme film guff

saw some truly guff films this week

One about a dope smoking/dealing guy paying his shrink with weed – I cant even remember the title – it got turned off so quickly  0/10

Burn After Reading – with Brad Pitt as a gay personal trainer, John Malkovich as an ex-CIA analyst, Tilda Swinton as his bitchy wife, George Cloony as a serial womanizer and a few others.  Some funny moments, but mostly, awful.  John Malkovitch is truly weird in a way that wasnt actually funny, the plot was so lame, hard to follow and really boring and I just couldn’t see the point.  Brad Pitt was funny and provided just about the only moments of joy in the film.  1/10

And the last and final guff film of the week – Journey to Center of the Earth.  Jules Verne must be turning in his grave.  Where do I start with this film?  Hollywood needs to get real – its so cliched and shiny in a predictable love interest, terrible set, corny moment (the glowing bird bit – ffs, what were they thinking!) and unbearably happy ending kind of a way that I almost stopped watching it.   An awful film make along the lines of Indiana Jones but with a tiny fraction of the skill and imagination, a dreadful, nasty, stereotyped, lacklustre, hideous  example of “family blockbuster”   2/10

so – what next?

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