I’ve been playing with lighting over the last week or so – outdoor fill flash and with the studio lights for portraits again.

The outdoor stuff was nice and simple, well, apart from the fact that I forgot my flash and had to rely on the pop-up flash in the D300! Manual exposure using the 100/100/f16 rule of thumb (I’ll start to deviate from that more once I get consistently repeatable results) and letting the little flash fill in what it could actually proved pretty effective. Lens shadow in some of the shots excepted, they all came out okay. I had a go at under exposing the background in a few of the shots in order to make the most of the flash and heres what happened

would have been better with the SB600 – next time 🙂

So, onto the studio flash – after a few goes with this, we’re getting the hang of it – and also using the outdoor fill flash rule of thumb as a start in order to get the black backdrop black in camera and not relying on post processing to fix.

So, in 5 mins, we were getting these shots

Pleased as punch, me 🙂

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