Christmas Tidings

Well, a hot Christmas is an odd thing, innit? It is if you’re from Blighty anyway..

Tts been nice – here warm long days, time to get out and about – was lovely.

Got some wicked prezzies – a satnav, which I tested out today with a bissy English woman voice, very funny..

Got Jay a sigma 30mil f1.4 which is such a lovely lens – shes been taking some corking portraits with it – I think it really suits her photo taking stylee, so she’s really pleased.

Had a shark attack here on the beach today – 51 year old man taken just 6m from the beach 😦 thats in the shallow zone, they’re not often seen there – eeep, looks like I wont be swimming in the sea at all then.. 😦

click here for the news article

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