Summer in England 2018 – Ightham Mote

I decided that we needed to combine some exercise with lunch and some local history.

We’ve been here before when Henry was very small and Ella puked ice cream on the immaculately manicured lawns.

Good times

So Henry and I set off to walk the 2.5 miles from my parents house to Ightham Mote

It’s not really very far, it just seems like a long way when you’re a small boy.  But we had a good walk and talked about many things, including what we would spend a lottery win on.

We walked up through the village, which really hasn’t changed much in the last 50 or 100 years,  past posh houses and flash cars, rows of old cottages .  We saw hops, which used to be the staple of this entire area – now limited to a rogue reminder growing in a hedgerow.


We crossed the fields of the massive and beautiful Fairlawne Estate (owned by Saudi royal Khalid ibn Abdullah) and talked about all sorts of things.

We settled on the fact that an Aston Martin is better than a Ferrari but in a pinch a Jaguar F type would do.

And as we walked the final mile, we saw a beautifully restored MGB GT in old English white, red leather seats and wire wheels.  OMG, don’t wrap it, I’ll eat it here.


After a cheeky lunch in the cafe, we went exploring Ightham Mote

It’s such a treat, nestling in a wooded valley, hidden from view – you kind of happen upon it.  Its why Cromwell and his merry army of destruction completely missed it and it’s largely original.

Dating back from approx 1340, it’s a remarkably original medieval moated manor house.  Sure, its been extended and expanded, but the original enclosed courtyard layout still remains, which is very unusual.

Anyways, here’s some photos 🙂



we had a great time, we explored, played in the grounds, Henry clambered over everything that was clamberable and then we walked home.  Via the village shop for some sweets and a drink, of course. 🙂

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