Summer in England 2016 – part 1

Because of the injuries I picked up in the motorbike accident in November last year, I was unable to get back to England in the spring, so it had been a year since I saw the kids.   I was really looking forward to this trip.

Having had bad experiences with Malaysia Airlines the last 2 times I flew with them, I paid a bit extra and booked with Singapore.  Malaysia Airlines are struggling since they lost those 2 planes and it shows.  Singapore Airlines never seem to have an issue with their schedules and thats what counts for me, sorry Malaysia Airlines!

First, the obligatory airport, flight, aeroplane shots 🙂


This year I got an awesome hire car – a Volvo D3 Sportthingo (can you tell I’m a car boff?) Comfy, posh, fast and so so blue 🙂  Lets not mention the 4 hours it took me to get from Heathrow to Kent on a Friday afternoon.  *sigh*  Some things about England I do not miss one bit!  (that used to be my commute..ugh)


After picking the kids the next day, we stopped off for a hot chocolate on the way home – oh course Henry drunk his with a spoon!  20160730_11442320160730_114427

Love the English landscape in late Summer.


First thing we did was to take a walk up the hill to the park via the village shop for treats.  Its great to be back!


Next up:  Hever Castle and RAIN!

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