Long exposures

Kwinana jetty has long been a favorite haunt for local photographers

  1.  It got bashed up by a storm a few years back and has been decaying ever since, which makes it interesting
  2. It faces pretty much due west, so the sunset is always directly at the end of the jetty
  3. As it decayed, it left leading lines to the sunset which are great subject matter

So, it’s perfect for some long exposure goodness.

And no, I don’t mean the brown coat flashing variety.

The council were in the middle of dismantling the remains of it, so took one last chance to get down there.

I screwed up the best pics – managed to knock the focus slightly so apart from one of them, they are a teeny bit out of focus.  GAH!

And final ones too.  The council removed the posts the week after – RIP Kwinana jetty..

Here is is last year..


And here’s the long exposure shots.


2 Comments on “Long exposures

    • Thanks 🙂 There were so many awesome ones that totally ruined by them being out of focus – perils of a using a dark neutral density filter where you have to pre-focus before you attach it.. hey ho


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