toys glorious toys!

So, if you hadn’t already guessed, I’m a big kid who loves his toys

I like goofing about, I used to ride mountain bikes very fast down hills (until my poor old bones couldn’t take it any more), I love playing with Nerf guns, I love pranks (but rarely get to play them – so hard trying to be a responsible career orientated father/step father), I have lots of shiny cameras, love playing my guitar like a legend and would totally play with lego all day if I could get away with it.

Yes, I’m a 41 year old boy.

So, what better way to celebrate that than buying a big (ok, actually, not that big) shiny red motorbike.

Well, there has to be some benefit to getting older – the toys can be larger and more expensive.

Sadly, the timing of the the purchase was a bit crap as I got made redundant about 2 weeks after buying it.   Hey ho. I have a few months before it needs selling to pay for food.

In the meantime though, passing my test permitting, it should be great fun – perfect for the start of summer and should make the employment hiatus (more about this in another post) more bearable.

So there you have it.  A 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 250R.  Its a fun little bike – just a quarter litre engine in a parallel twin.  Given enough throttle (i.e. all of it) it does actually go pretty fast, but it’s very linear and benign which is actually good for learning to ride with.   It’s really light on the road and changes direction with a tiny change of weight and pressure on the bars.

Kawasaki are usually bright green or maybe blue, but this one is red, which, as we all know, goes faster.

I have my test on Thursday; wish me luck.

I’ll be adding my review of this lovely little bike as soon as I have my licence and have done a few more kms.

13 Comments on “toys glorious toys!

  1. Love the red! It is always a cooler colour! And just think – it will be easier on gas than a car – you are saving money already! Good luck on your test.


    • Thanks Anita 🙂 Test was easy in the end!
      As for economy – I just filled up the tank – $16 (and thats at AU$1.30 a litre) – and it’ll do 350km+ on that (220 miles) awesome!


  2. Good luck with the test, hope it goes ok. Fingers crossed its the start of good vibes!


    • Thanks! Test was good, passed with no problems – I’m licensed up and on the road. Limited to a 250cc for 12 months, but I think that’s a good thing – plenty of time to learn to ride properly before thinking bigger.


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