Oout and Aboot

Yes, I know, 2 posts in 2 days – I’m just too good to you all!  It’s like your birthday or something!

Ok ok, given the month off, I do probably have some making up to do!

Right, so, another motley collection of photos and disjointed experiences!

The post featured image was from Perth’s Winter Arts Festival at the beginning of the month.  It promised a raft of winter entertainment, snow and all manner of amazing experiences.   Sadly, one limp bubble machine and a couple of performing arts students dressed in slightly white or silvery costumes really failed to hit the mark.  It was so lame that I only took that one photo!

Anyway, moving on from disappointment, here’s some random piccies.

Now for a proper story.

Having said that we haven’t been out and about for ages, well, we decided to go to the Perth Upmarket at the University of Western Australia.  It was decided for us really, they had vegan churros and Kustom Cupcakes – so it was pretty much mandatory attendance.

UWA is not that old – formed in 1911 – these buildings, although they look all Oxford-like, only date from 1916.  It was a lovely sunny day, but typical of Perth winter, the wind had some bite in it.  We wandered happily through the campus, past the various departments of engineering and science, among the last of the autumn colours.  Was lovely really.

The place was heaving with people and for someone who detests crowds, it was verging on torture trying to get around the crowded stalls.  Not much of a chance to take photos of all the lovely things, sadly.    We queued up for churros, which didn’t take long and then had to wait ages for a coffee, but the sun was shining and we sat in the sun on a quiet bench in a courtyard to relax.

We wandered off back to the car through the famous cloisters – very cool – I think more buildings should have cloisters!

We headed off to Subiaco to Jus Burgers for some lunch.  Sitting outside in the sun, shielded from the wind, noshing on organic, Western Australian sourced produce with tasty vegan options for Jay too – perfect.

Then we found out that Kustom Cupcakes’ shop is open on Sundays and only just outside the city, so we popped on over to collect some very tasty afternoon treats to have back at home.  Nom nom.

So there you go – seems we have been a little busy after all!

One Comment on “Oout and Aboot

  1. Hi,
    What a shame the Arts Festival turned out to be disappointing.
    UWA looks great, a very nice building, it does look like Oxford a bit, but the little cakes you decided to take home for Afternoon tea Oh yes that does look very nice. 🙂


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