Okaaaay, boo yar!

You know I said the diet wasn’t going as well as planned due to the lack of walking

Well, strike that.

Scales this morning show a nice loss of 4kg (8 and a bit lbs) since I started.

Ho yes. More healthy eating, only the minor-est of cheating (cos life’s too damn short to have zero food pleasures) and I’ll be back in my 80’s drainpipes before you know it.

Ok, that last bit is a lie.  I might get my suit done up a little easier though 🙂

6 Comments on “Okaaaay, boo yar!

  1. “I’ll be back in my 80′s drainpipes before you know it.”

    *runs screaming*

    Joking 🙂 I shouldn’t laugh… you might be one of those strange creatures that doesn’t look scary in 80’s drainpipes.

    Well done on the weight loss!


    • hahah – no, really, it’s ok, no drainpipes in sight, I’m way too old for that. Nick Cave is about the only person over 30 who can pull that look off, and even then, it’s somewhat overshadowed by his murderous eyes!

      Thanks though – I just need to keep it going when I start my new job next week!


  2. I sat on the table next to Nick Cave + family in Carluccio’s Brighton last month. I do love the description of the eyes however he did seemed intent more on murdering his panna cotta than anyone else in the restaurant.

    Local news interest, funny really (if you can sum up the strength to open a page from the Daily Hate):

    http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1336809/Nick-Caves-latest-hit-A-speed-camera-Brighton-taken-Jaguar.html (particularly like the picture “Unharmed: The Australian rocker walks shamefacedly away from the crash site” ) he’s wearing red drainpipes and looks totally unashamed.

    That was a tad bizarre, telling an Englishman in Australia about an Australian in England – hmm.

    Well done on the weight loss Richard and the job. I too am partaking in a period of abstinence from drink until my holidays in June, it is making a difference already, oh and starting a new job as well.


    • Damn you and your cool hangouts and celebrity associations! :p

      I love Nick Cave- I have a splendid idea for a book (yet another one, I know I have about 3 on the go – 2 ideas and on in progress) that revolves around Kick Cave’s Murder Ballads album. One day..

      So glad I caught the lard before it got out of hand. Now I just need to reel it back in an inch at a time.

      So what’s your new job? I’ll email you!!


  3. Charlie every now and then I think it’s fine for you to cheat or have a day where you get to eat something good, just make sure you don’t go overboard. Other than that I’m glad it’s working out for you. I knew it would 🙂


    • I agree – and cheating is a relative term – its all about balance 🙂 I still havent had any booze, have stayed off the choccy and have resited chips and all things lardy, so I’m pretty happy. Tonight though, I am gonna have a glass of wine or be dammed!

      Just gotta keep it up for a couple of months or so and see where I go from there. Easy really.


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