Santa has been!!

Yes, I know, its early for most of the world, that’s one of the advantages of living this far east is we get things like Christmas and New Year before everyone else!

Just for reference, Perth is:  (if my maths is correct)

5 hours behind New Zealand
3 hours behind Sydney
same time as Kuala Lumpur and Singapore
2 hours ahead of New Delhi
5 hours ahead of Moscow
7 hours ahead of Paris
8 hours ahead of London
13 hours ahead of New York
16 hours ahead of Los Angeles

soooo, we have quite a jump on a good chunk of the world.

We’re having a great Christmas so far – lots of super presents and chocolate and happy families and all that.  I get to speak to my kids in England in about 6 or 7 hours – I can’t wait to see their little faces!  This time last year, they were here with us in Australia and opening their presents in the lounge with their step sisters.  This year has flown by – I can still remember flying out to pick them up as if it was last week.

Anyway – it’s 32 degrees here already, clear blues skies and hardly any wind – *phew* – time for a Christmas day dip in the Indian Ocean then I think 😉

So, wherever you are on this little planet of ours, I hope you all have a great Christmas Day with your friends and families, be kind to everyone you meet today – life’s too short for being crabby – this is a special day!

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