Iiiiiiitttttts Christmas

…and I hate it.

Well, not the actual Christmas bit, per se, just the commercialisation of it.

The bit that screams in big neon writing..

From October, the shops were full of tat, ready for the eager consumer to get into the spirit.  The TV (which we don’t usually watch – so this year I feel somewhat spared from the worst of the misery) is busy plugging every damn thing as a gift, from barbie dolls to barbequeues (well, this is Oz), solar panels (yup, true story) to swimming pools – all easily available on credit with delivery just in time, order now, terms and conditions apply.

Its like nobody fucking learned anything from the credit crunch.

Ok, it hardly hit Australia to be fair – we had a slow down rather than a crash, and despite Kevin Rudd giving away billions in ‘stimulus’ – the economy is doing ok.  Well, that’s relative, ok as long as there’s stuff in the ground to dig up and sell to the Chinese.

Anyway, I’m side-tracking – people are splurging wildly on credit again.  Its madness.

And if not on credit, they’re blowing the cash like the party will never end.  Some of our friends went shopping and accidentally blew $6000.  Ok, they are loaded and do work hard – I’m not begrudging them their indulgences, they deserve whatever they want, but its the casualness of the spend that had me open mouthed.

And its the same everywhere here, and by the judge of things, its not much different anywhere else in the world.

So, thats why I hate Christmas, its the embodiment of stupid.  The personification of credit driven commercialism that didn’t exactly end well before.  The banks are continuing to sell us all down the river of credit, the money go round is back and people are blindly hopping on once more for a ride on the never never.

Ho ho bloody ho.

What ever happened to what Christmas is really about?  Even if you’re not a Christian, what about the family aspects of it?  Why not treat it as a kind of Thanksgiving?

I really hope you all have a properly happy Christmas with your families, enjoy the gifts and gift giving for what it is, not how much you spent or received and most of all, take some time to be grateful for what you really have in life and what makes you truly happy, not what things you have and how much they cost.

Me – I’m grateful for my family.   And chocolate.

One Comment on “Iiiiiiitttttts Christmas

  1. Happy Christmas to you to!
    Yup you got it in one. That’s why we opt out for a month before christmas so we don’t have to put up with all the hype!


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