slack city, Arizona

I know, my blog is getting a little dusty.  I have an excuse, I’ve been busy with all kinds of things.  So there.

I’m flying back to England tomorrow so I can see my babies – its been nearly 5 months since I last saw them – time really flies and it doesn’t seem that long ago in some ways, but in other ways, it seems like forever.  Whatever, I can’t wait.

So, this time, thanks to the somewhat threadbare nature of the Malaysian Airlines planes and the horrifying ‘no seat on the flight to London even though you’ve paid thousands of dollars for it’ moment at Christmas, I am flying Singapore airlines. They have iPod chargers on the seat backs and power for laptops and everything.  Not that I’ll really be using them, I’m working like a dawg right up until I have to scoot off to the airport, having done a couple of 12/14 hour work days and I’ll probably be zonked out like a stoned monkey.  Or some such thing.

I’m also only taking my Hasselblad film camera when I go back – no shiny digital for me this time.  I want to capture something a little different image wise and really want the challenge.  Wish me luck, if I stuff up, I’ll have no photos!

Also, I fly out the day before the elections here in Oz.  I’ll be coming back to an new Government, one smiling gloating self satisfied party having got into power using weasel words and empty promises that somehow disappear into the ether the moment their grubby little self serving hands are on the controls.  Wont that be fun.   Can we get a load of new candidates please, the ones we have are generally shit.  I think we can do better without all the moral guidance that Australian political parties think we all need.

So, at the weekend – tales from Blighty, part one – Biggles says a big hello to his good chums Badger and Tinker, has a pint in the Crown before showing Harry Hun what for over the Channel, making it home in time for an over or two with the village cricket team.  I say, old boy, spiffing stuff, whatwhat.

Tally ho!

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