leaving on a jet plane..

I’m going back to England for a couple of weeks so I can spend some time with my children, so I expect my blog may well be full of little snippets of what we’ve been up to rather than anything dramatic and amazing.

I don’t really like the long flight – I don’t sleep well on the plane and there’s not really time the other end to recover before I have the kids waking me up at 6am. Mind you, its better than last time when I had to turn around and fly right back again within 24 hours with 2 small and very excited children 🙂

So I’m leaving at 4:30 this afternoon – flying to KL where I have a 90 minute stop before taking the next and agonisingly long leg to London.

I’m going to see one of my friends before I get the kids – he’s making me breakfast as I’ll be arriving at Heathrow at a terribly ungodly hour – luckily he has a small child, so will undoubtedly already have been awake for many hours!

So, have fun for the next 2 weeks, I will be – we’re staying at my parents house whilst they are in the Caribbean sailing and hanging out at their house over there – I’ll be blogging and uploading pics if I can remember my their wireless broadband password 😉

Catchtyaalllater xx

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