IPhone blogging

It’s not that easy, the ‘keyboard’ is small and very sensitive on this phone, I reckon my old blackberry was easier from a typing point of view, but this is getting easier with time.

So, I didn’t say did I? I got an iPhone 3GS from work. I’ve been resisting as they are expensive and a total luxury, and besides, I just got a Nokia N95 from a friend and that did everything I needed. But a 1/2 price offer under salary sacrifice (get tax deduction) means I probably only paid AU$300 for it, which was nice.

It’s a very cool toy as it turns out, its very well thought out, usability is in a different league to the Nokia, and the apps from the app store are awesome. I wish I’d got one sooner. The only downside is the battery really only lasts a day of you use it a lot , especially with 3G or wireless.

That’s another thing, wireless, takes 2 mins to set up and then whenever I’m at home, it uses that for all Internet traffic – fast browsing and mail and stuff – true mobile Internet.

So, here on the train, I can do everything I can on the laptop without having to sacrifice display quality or phone usability. Cool 🙂

iPhone – 9/10 battery is the only thing, but in this sized case and with what the phone can do, it does ok

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