new toys

Went up to Perth on Saturday to the wonderful pigeonhole and the crumpler store to check out some funky ideas for Christmas presents and caved in horribly at the sight of lo-fi camera goodness.

I got a Diana Mini – a teeny plastic 35mm 1/2 frame toy camera – takes Holga-esque shots but in an easier to get processed film format. We’ll see how it fares against the mighty Holga


Jay fell for the Lomo Supersampler a dinky little camera that takes 4 shots in quick sucession – very cool and very different.


2 Comments on “new toys

    • Its tiny and plasticy and cool. The focussing is a pain, have to twist the middle of the lens and my fingers are too big to get a good grip on it, I’m sure I can cludge something to make it easier to twist. Have the first films off next week, so you wont have to wait long. How about your holga films? how did they come out?


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