For those of a delicate persuasion, look away now, go google kittens and stuff.

I was in the shed doing things blokes do in sheds (organise tools, tidy up, take stock, tinker with my bike etc) when I saw a huntsman

yey – I had reported a few weeks ago that I thought the huntsman was dead – well, it might have been and this could be a youngster, or maybe it moulted – who knows. Anyways, it was pretty dark, so I couldn’t really take decent photos, but – here’s my feeble attempt at ISO4000 on the camera.

Mr (or Mrs) Huntsman





I hope he/she lives a long a happy life – I’m leaving it be and making sure its safe – as big and fast moving as it is (about 6 inches/15cm across), its part of a healthy redback/whitetail eating ecosystem that I fully encourage

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