One of the things I really want to do is photograph a wedding.  Not just be a guest and point the camera at people and take nice pics kind of stuff, but actually shoot a wedding, either as an assistant/second shooter or as the main shooter and be in control of the precedings.

I love weddings – they’re full of interesting people, all dressed up and having fun.  People are generally all happy, loved up and are happy to give a few smiles in the name of an interesting photo or two.  And then there’s the bride and groom – the wedding party – so many possibilities for a shot – emotions, love, dressed up like they (hopefully) never will be again – its awesome.

I cant think of a bigger honour than to be invited into the middle of all this and be asked to document it for time eternal.

I recently read about some photographers that don’t really feel that way and somehow manage to view shooting a wedding as a miserable chore.   Anyone who moans about the lighting, the people, the challenge and how fast paced it might be shouldn’t be shooting a wedding.   Period.

I’d be horrified if our wedding photographer expressed some of these views – I’m paying her good money because she loves weddings, knows how to do them well, is in complete control and all her pictures look amazing.   You can’t and more importantly, shouldn’t be in wedding photography if you’re not in the spirit of the thing.

I think the problem with digital  photography its “free” to everyone to take as many photos as they can, and somehow people think that just because they can take a few photos, they are suddenly good enough to take photos of everything.    Its like any art – not everyone can do it and those that can tend to be good at certain aspects of it and that probably applies to weddings more than anything else.

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