excellent in parts

I just imported all the posts from my old blog over at blogger – WordPress did it so easily, one click and that was it done and in date order too. very cool, thanks WordPress 🙂

Its been pouring with rain all day today – absolute torrents of the stuff, lashing in from the sea. Now those trees are gone, I can see down the street towards the ocean and see the rain coming before it hits which is cool. Its clearing now and I can see some sunset colours – be a very good night for a few pics – the wind is howling so the sea would be very rough – good for long exposures making the water all milky. Not sure the lens would survive a second dousing with salt water though – maybe I’ll get a waterproof housing for the next jolly out :))

Given the rain and the leaky door, I fixed a new weather seal yesterday, which, on the face of it, looks like it should work – its totally plugging the gap and should work. Only it doesnt.

The hallway is full of water from the squall that just came in. Meh.

I’ll be going back to Bunnings tomorrow to see if I can get any seals that stick to the bottom of the the door too. Mind you, the glass leaks too, so that all needs sealing up – probably time for a new door..

mmm, floody

mmm, floody

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