things that irk me about photos

Looking at some pictures on Flickr and other sites, a few things regularly irk me about some “professional” photographers photos.

Now, I’m far from being perfect, I’m not a professional photographer, but people, there are some simple things that we all need to watch out for

1. Horizontals

The horizon is always horizontal. Unless you’re doing a really wacky obviously not meant to be straight shot – use something such as Picassa, Photoshop or similar to straighten the horizon in your shot. It takes 2 seconds and is really not an option. Wonky horizon = wrong. This is especially noticeable with beach shots, and I’ve seen so horrors with wedding photos where the horizon is at such a wonk that I feel ill looking at the shot. Wedding photographers should know better than this!! (oh, and make sure the horizon doesn’t bisect the Bride or Groom’s head, thats pretty much an outdoor portrait 101)

2. Verticals

Walls and buildings and things like that have verticals and horizontals. And, barring a few degrees of construction error, or the leaning tower of Pisa, thats how it is. So, when taking photos with buildings or masts, or even trees, cos they mostly grow straight up, make sure they are actually straight in the finished image.

Or, take a little more time in camera to get it a little more right. Thats what we all had to do when using film a few years back. Have we lost the art so much?

If verticals are not vertical, or the horizon is wonky, then the eye really notices it and immediately, the picture looks wrong.

It only takes a few mins to fix, so fix them! And to those of you who are more professional out there who are guilty of this – you should know better, its embarrassing – sort it!!

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