More films watched this weekend

The Day the Earth stood Still

Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, John Cleese, Kathy Bates.  A remake of the 1951 original.  A message of peace turns into a message of destruction – the alien has been sent by a group of civilizations to appraise the human race and make a final decision of its continued existence.  We’re harming the earth and they’re here to see if we should be terminated.  The actions of the USA turn the alien (Reeves) against humanity as he can see only destruction, but right at the end, he learns about love and compassion and reverses the obliteration, saving humanity after all.  It was ok, but I really wanted it to continue to show the bit where the American’s learned that they aren’t all they think they are.  Worth watching though 7/10

Underworld 3, Rise of the Lycans

The prequel to the first underworld movie.  It doesnt have Kate Beckinsale in it, but still has Bill Nighy and his totally creepy portrayal of Vicktor the head vampire.  The story of how te Lycans came into being and how they went from disorganised amimal like werewolves into a worthy force led by Lucian, the first Lycan.  Another good dark, dank blood filled vampire fest much in the same vane as the other two films.  Recommended 8/10

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