I finally got some energy (only a tiny bit, mind) to take a few photos over the last few days.  Did some abstract ones in the garden, longer exposures, trying to get interesting effects with some sucess.

pam frond

palm frond

Then, yesterday, after dosing up to the eyeballs with lemsip cold and flu, I popped out (I know – out of the house – amazing) to the beach to catch the sunset.  And lovely it was too – not as spectacular as some, but still enchanting.  I took the old 18-55mm kit lens that came with the Nikon D50 as its smaller and lighter than the 18-200VR and also the distortion at the 18mm end is more regular and easier to fix in Photoshop later.

Warnbro Beach

Warnbro Beach

Warnbro Sunset

Warnbro Sunset

Then I had another go at some more abstracts – looking at different exposure times to see what worked best – I think I need to be a bit more careful as they were all under exposed when I got back to the computer.   Its hard to get an accurate meter reading when you’re panning over 100 degrees of sky from sunset to dark cloud.

experiments with motion

experiments with motion

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