I like to travel.  well, let me expand on that – I like to travel on holiday.  I have travelled loads with work but I usually get precious little time to see anything, so its not the same

Over the last 10 years or so in my career I have been to the following places with work – most more than once, and sometimes, I’ve managed to get out and see a bit of the place.

  1. Glasgow
  2. Aberdeen
  3. Belfast
  4. Paris
  5. Annecy
  6. Munich
  7. Frankfurt
  8. Amsterdam
  9. Berlin
  10. Düsseldorf
  11. Gothenburg
  12. Trondheim
  13. Prague
  14. Geneva
  15. Stockholm
  16. Milan (Lugano, Switzerland)
  17. Krakow
  18. Barcelona
  19. Toronto
  20. San Diego
  21. San Francisco
  22. San Jose

thats quite a lof places actually and I’ve got some interesting memories of evenings out arranged with my company, customers or with the conference I was speaking at.

For example, Gothenburg – amazing place, lovely people, horrendously expensive – went out with colleagues to a top class fish restaurant and had lots to drink.  Went to a bar later and cant remember much else.  All the people there were very friendly though.

Krackow in Poland – was there for a conference for about 4 days – its an amazing place with one the biggest and oldest squares in Europe – people were so nice, we went on excursions to a really old castle for dinner and also to the famous salt mines in Wieliczk.

Paris I’ve only really seen La Defense, the equivalent of Canary Wharf in London, but have been out to a few restaurants and bars in Monmartre with colleagues which was amazing.

Toronto – been there lots, its an okay place, you have to know where to go to have the best time.  Have been to many jazz bars downtown – its a very vibrant city once you know where its all happening.

Barcelona – thats a crazy place and I have to go back.  Its pretty dicey, lots of organised gangs and crime, felt like I was about to be mugged all the time and nearly was – saved by an electro club at 1am when I got hammered and danced with some colleagues until the very small hours.  Also saw some amazing Django style live music jazz.

I drove from Milan to Lugano in Switzerland in a little Smart Car, which was frankly terrifying and I wish I’d paid more for an Alfa Romeo.  Brilliant place though, so beautiful.

Annecy was so lovely I actually went back on holiday.

San Jose was dull dull dull, San Diego was amazing, very cool city, but I was only there for one night (yeah, 3 days in total from the UK – that was a red eye jet lag visit from hell)

The crap thing is that I didnt take my camera to most of these destinations – I wasnt really into photography then.  I have a few of Annecy and Toronto (and I’ve lost a few in hard drive crashes too) and one of me in San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge.

Me and a bridge

Me and a bridge

I have a couple of Paris, mostly of La Defense

La Defense at night

La Defense at night

La Defense

La Defense

but thats it – the rest are in my head.  Maybe that the best way – means I can go back to any of these places and not be biassed by a load of photos I took on a work trip.

So, I have to go to Sydney in a few months or so – should I take my camera or wait till I go there on holiday?

My favourite places I’ve ever been to are

  1. Venice
  2. Rome
  3. Barcenona
  4. Madrid
  5. Annecy
  6. Krakow

Italy is so wonderful – been to Portofino and Santa Margherita Ligure on the Riviera – both beautful – as was Venice and Rome – Verona was fab too, Milan I didnt really get to see, but Lugano, although in Switzerland, was very Italian.   I cant believe its taken all this time to realise how much I like a place and then move far far away from it, making holidays somewhat more expensive and difficult.  Ah well, I’ll just apreciate it all all the more when I do get to go back – and I can’t wait to go with Jay, she’ll adore it, being the writer/artist type that she is 🙂

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