the man in the moon

Back on the subject of our friend’s church  –  t’other half got an email this week from one of the people at our church asking if everything is okay as we havent been to a Sunday service in a month as we’ve not been well.   Thats the way it should be done.  Are you listening, Catholic Church up the road?

In other news, I’ve finally got sick.  Pants.  Had a fever all week and now I have a stinking cold.  I really thought I’d escaped it as I was feeling a bit better yesterday.  Ah well.


As I’ve been sat moping and feeling sorry for myself and basically not moved from this spot at the computer all week, I’ve used lots of bandwidth on my broadband – ad in fact, seem to have used it all up – eep.  We paid for a 5Gb extension but I’ve been loathe to surf much, so I’ve been looking back over all my old photos when I found this one that I hadn’t processed.

Man in the Moon

Man in the Moon

The man in the moon.  Taken in Royston last year some time – moon rise over the  4000 year old long barrow and tumuli on Therfield heath. Cool, huh?

Happy weekend, everyone.

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