Well, the rains come, finally.  When I say rain, what I mean is torrential monsoon like squalls that came in so hard that every window and door leaked in the house.  The rain drove in under the front door and left 2cm of water in the hall.  It came pouring in through the garage roof and onto the patio leaving 5cm of water pooled there.

Maybe the bore will start to refill again then!

I was going to go down to the beach to take some photos of the storm seas, but the wind is so strong I could barely stand up.

Ah well, I’ll again later and see.

Its eldest step-daughter’s birthday today, we gave her a mobile phone which went down very well – youngerst step-daughter had a major class-A sook though, throwing a massive wobbler cos she wasnt geting all the attention.  She’s grounded when the birthday celebrations are over..its not on.

Had one last photo session at the beach before of the weather turned

experiments with motion

experiments with motion

experiments with motion

experiments with motion

2 Comments on “rain

  1. These are really fantastic, hun.

    And yes, the mobile was a hit and she was so very gracious on her birthday in spite of the little un’s meltdown.


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